International Conference on Asian Language Processing 2008

Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 12-14, 2008


Conference City

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s principal northern province. It is some 700 kilometers north of Bangkok and covers an area of 20,000 square kilometers. The city is located in a fertile valley some 300 metres above sea level.

Chiang Mai was founded as the capital of Lanna Thai (Kingdom of One Million Rice fields) in 1296. It flourished as a major religious, cultural and trading centre until 1556 when a Burmese invasion reduced it to a vassal state. The Burmese were expelled in 1785, whereupon Lanna Thai once again became part of northern Thailand.

Many lowland Thais regard Chiang Mai as being something of a national Shangri-La, thanks to its distinctive festivals, historic temples dating from the 1300s, arresting scenic beauty, temperate fruits and a crisp, invigorating cool season climate.

Along with its numerous ancient temples and building, Chiang Mai is also famous for its handicrafts. Nature has made it stand out, thanks to the majestic mountains and valleys and its beautiful scenery: hills, mountain streams, lakes, field, waterfalls, caves, hill tribe villages, orchid, butterfly farms, elephant camps & trekking tours and river rafting expeditions. Mysteries are waiting for your discovery.

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